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Dear Sir, Madam, for an overview of all my Summer courses on geopolitics, country risk and media framing/discourses, please go to GeoMeans Courses at Maastricht Summer School 2018. Kind regards, Leonhardt, editor of ExploringGeopolitics

Geopolitics Summer Schools

Editor Leonhardt van Efferink was guest lecturer at summer schools in Geneva and Hamburg in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Since 2014, he has been course leader of two Geopolitics Summer Schools at Maastricht University. Both courses will again be organised in 2018, as well as courses on the analysis of country risk, political risk and media texts/photos.

Leonhardt offers you the following courses in 2018:
Country Risk Analysis: Growth Potential, Economic Policy and External Finances of Emerging Markets
Political Risk Analysis: Domestic Factors, International Relations and Economic Impact Assessment
Geopolitical Scenario Planning: National Security, Geo-Economics and Foreign Policy Strategy
Geopolitical Framing Analysis: National Images, World Views and Global Dividing Lines
Textual Media Analysis: Critical Discourse Analysis, News Framing and Qualitative Research Design
Visual Media Analysis: News Photos, Text-Image Relations and Multimodal Discourses/Frames

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