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Geopolitical Passports

January 2014

Veit BachmannVeit Bachmann: European Union, External Relations, Immigration, Development Policy

"I think through its history of critical reflexivity and historical, geopolitical and local sensitivities in different time-spaces, critical geopolitics is now mature enough to make more active, constructive, normative (political) statements without falling back into essentialising and ethnocentric authoritarianism."

Joe CeramiJoseph Cerami: International Security, Strategic Studies, Military Education, US Army

"During my military education and training geography was always essential from the tactical (map reading and tactics) though the operational (terrain and intelligence preparation of the battlefield in campaign planning) to the strategic level (diplomatic, informational, economic, and military, including air-land-sea-space-cyber, elements of power; regional assessments; and theater campaign planning). "

Ian KlinkeIan Klinke: German Energy Security, Belarus, Marxism-Leninism, Post-Cold War Europe

"My fascination with the work of Kagan, Kissinger and co. was cast in a different light when I was moved to the hospice part of the home, where a number of dying Wehrmacht soldiers wanted to sit over maps with me and talk about their personal experiences of struggling for Eastern living space."

My New Book in 750 Words

picture Béatrice GiblinJanuary 2014

Béatrice Giblin: The Conflicts in the World – A Geopolitical Approach

"The geopolitical approach incorporates geographical reasoning and physical and human characteristics of the different spaces. It further compares the contradictory representations of the different protagonists in the conflict, representations which have been based on historical events (some of them very old)."

picture Verica RuparVerica Rupar: Journalism and Meaning-making – Reading the Newspaper

"Journalism’s power to facilitate social inclusion and exclusion, has significant consequences on public life. At its highs, when performing the highest standards of profession, journalists can affirm tolerance, pluralism and social harmony actively contributing to the cultural changes in the society. At its lows, unethical journalism reinforces prejudices and stereotypes whose diffusion contribute to racism, hate speech, discrimination and violence."

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William WorsterJanuary 2014

After publishing more than 200 contributions over the past 5 years, I decided to take a sabbatical from ExploringGeopolitics. In 2014, my own PhD research needs priority.

Gérard DussouyBelow you find the most popular articles and interviews of the past five years. Congratulations to William Worster (top photo) and Gérard Dussouy (bottom photo).



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