Dear Sir, Madam, for an overview of my Summer courses on geopolitics, country risk and media framing/discourses, please go to GeoMeans Courses at Maastricht Summer School 2018. Kind regards, Leonhardt, editor of ExploringGeopolitics


Can I contribute to the website?

Possibly in 2017. No new contributions are planned for 2016. Contributions are by invitation or direct introduction only, but I do make exceptions.

Are contributors being paid for their efforts?

No, everyone has contributed without obtaining any financial compensation, including the editor.

What are the language requirements for contributions?

All contributions need to be in English and written in a way that requires little editorial efforts.

Can I publish an entire contribution on another website?

No, this is not allowed. See copyright conditions on this page:


Can I use quotations from website on other websites?

Yes, that’s no problem as long as you refer to its source (see next question).

How do I refer to a contribution on the website?

Please mention title and author of contribution, and its date and url.

Are the contributions being peer-reviewed?

No, contributors write about earlier research results and for a broad audience.

Can I comment online on the articles?

No, this WordPress functionality has been switched off.


Why does part of content look strange?

The website has been optimised for the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Therefore, it may look different than expected in other browsers.

Has the website been designed for mobile phones, Ipads and so on?

Not yet.

Why do external links not work?

External links on website require Javascript, so you may have disabled this option.

Ads and link exchanges

Is the website interested in link exchanges?


Does the website contain any paid-for ads?


Is the website interested in publishing ads?


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