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VanEfferink_small_4Exploring Geopolitics was founded by Editor Leonhardt van Efferink (photo) in 2009. By humanising geopolitical thought, it aims to cover the ground between academic journals and mass media. Exploring Geopolitics is an independent, non-profit website that seeks to foster dialogue among scholars from various academic disciplines and with different national backgrounds. During its first six years, it published over 200 contributions by more than 130 scholars from more than 25 countries. More info on the Background page.

Most Popular Contributions

Below you find the most popular articles and interviews in the first half of 2016. These rankings reflect the diversity in geopolitical approaches on Exploring Geopolitics. The website offers quality pieces on (Neo-)Classical Geopolitics, Critical Geopolitics and French Geopolitics. Moreover, there are various contributions that clarify key geopolitical concepts such as sovereignty, security and representations.



Telling Quotes by Scholars from US, France and Germany

Exploring Geopolitics contains the perspectives on the geopolitical discipline from scholars from many countries, with a dominant position for US, Canada, Ireland, UK and France. Here are three telling examples of the many approaches within geopolitics:

Joe CeramiJoseph Cerami: International Security, Strategic Studies, Military Education, US Army
“During my military education and training geography was always essential from the tactical (map reading and tactics) though the operational (terrain and intelligence preparation of the battlefield in campaign planning) to the strategic level (diplomatic, informational, economic, and military, including air-land-sea-space-cyber, elements of power; regional assessments; and theater campaign planning).”

picture Béatrice GiblinBéatrice Giblin: The Conflicts in the World – A Geopolitical Approach
“The geopolitical approach incorporates geographical reasoning and physical and human characteristics of the different spaces. It further compares the contradictory representations of the different protagonists in the conflict, representations which have been based on historical events.”

Veit BachmannVeit Bachmann: European Union, External Relations, Immigration, Development Policy
“I think through its history of critical reflexivity and historical, geopolitical and local sensitivities in different time-spaces, critical geopolitics is now mature enough to make more active, constructive, normative (political) statements without falling back into essentialising and ethnocentric authoritarianism.”